Traditional Japanese Tattooing by HORIGA


  Tsukiyomi (Tsukiyomi-no mikoto ), penultimate child of Izanagi and brother of Amaterasu and Susa-no-o, was born when Izanagi washed out his right eye while purifying himself after his return from the Land of Yomi ( the Underworld). He was given the responsibility to rule the Heavens together with his sister, Amaterasu. According to the…
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Susano-o, Kami of the ocean and storms

Susa-no-o was born from Izanagi when cleansing himself in the river after his visit to the underworld and washing out his nose. Like his sister Amaterasu and his brother Tsukiyomi, he was especially blessed and so was assigned to rule over the ocean. Unlike his siblings, though, he did not graciously accept this great honour,…
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Amaterasu the Sun Goddess

Amaterasu (Amaterasu-O-Mikami) the sun goddess was born from Izanagi when he washed out his left eye while purifying himself after his journey to the underworld. Having been placed in charge of the heavenly realms, she attracted the jealousy of her younger brother, Tsukiyomi (Tsukiyomi-no-mikoto). With both of them vying for the responsibility and their arguments…
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The origins of Japan

The Beginings of Japan Going back to mythical times and drawing from the stories of the Kojiki (712 ad) and Nihon Shoki (720 ad), the oldest surviving chronicles of Japan, the first heavenly Kami were Izanagi and Izanami, who in turn created the islands of Japan and and many deities. Izanami dies while giving birth…
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