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I provide
creative solutions for all your tattooing needs!
You don’t have to have a complete design ready, just a basic idea of placement and maybe meaning, and the rest is work in progress, starting with a free 30min consultation. 

From initial meeting and consultation to design and execution of the tattoo everything is tailored to you, the client.


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Here is a repost of the video clip the guys from @bluehoodstudios made about our home from home, The Sanctuary Tattoo and Art Studio.
thank you and credit to: @hanaolsen.np , @jaybluehood and his brother and Markus the studio boxer. I hope that gives a little view behind the scenes.
What else would you be interested to see for our next video project together? leave a comment or suggestion below.

Dankeschön, arigatou, thank you for your continued support!
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We have been using Wild Bush Balm healing cream here at the Sanctuary with great results and are proud to offer this locally hand-made product in the Studio.
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Finished off this Norse piece on @nash_117 depicting Odin and his two wolves, Geri and Freki. Looking forward to continue the story, thank you for your patience and trust!
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Stories, Legends and Myths of Japan

In this blog i will try and share, to the best of my abilities, my knowledge and understanding of japanese myths and legends. 
Since most japanese tattoos are traditionally selected from this field to convey protection, strength, stamina, cunning or other traits pertaining to the wearer of the tattoo I figure a basic understanding of the Myths and Legends would be quite advantageous.


  Tsukiyomi (Tsukiyomi-no mikoto ), penultimate child of Izanagi and brother of Amaterasu and Susa-no-o, was born when Izanagi washed out his right eye while purifying himself after his return[…]

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Susano-o, Kami of the ocean and storms

Susa-no-o was born from Izanagi when cleansing himself in the river after his visit to the underworld and washing out his nose. Like his sister Amaterasu and his brother Tsukiyomi,[…]

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Amaterasu the Sun Goddess

Amaterasu (Amaterasu-O-Mikami) the sun goddess was born from Izanagi when he washed out his left eye while purifying himself after his journey to the underworld. Having been placed in charge[…]

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The origins of Japan

The Beginings of Japan Going back to mythical times and drawing from the stories of the Kojiki (712 ad) and Nihon Shoki (720 ad), the oldest surviving chronicles of Japan,[…]

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