Welcome to my site, where my art and tattoo work are on display for your enjoyment and inspiration.
As almost all of those images are of unique, one-off, original works by me with a lot of time and effort invested in them to help the clients express themselves I would like to consider it good manners and common curtesy to not replicate my work unabridged.

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It took me a few year to find this man I call ‘ Master ‘

I had been looking for a while for a Master at his craft !! . From my first catch up with Holger I knew I’d found a special man . So from that day onward I have built a awesome friendship with this Mater of this Craft . And he has applied his craft to my body . .
. People talk about being reborn spending time with Holger is like a rebirth 😊😊👊👊

Karl Roosing

Not just a cover up tattoo.

I came in to see Horiga requesting a cover up piece and I was more than impressed by his professionalism and helpful suggestions. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to get done but with his patience we finalised an idea. We settled on a Japanese oni inspired suit, which is currently still in progress, but it already looks amazing and the old tattoos are barely recognisable. Before walking in I had no idea it would turn out looking more like an art piece than just any old ‘stamp’ tattoo. I highly recommend Horiga due to his great work ethic, patience and the ability to keep the entire process light hearted and relatively stress free. I look forward to returning and continuing progress.

Jay Downes

Articulate and knowledgeable!

This turtleback piece was definitely an easy process to talk through with Holger. He is super knowledgeable about Japanese work and has a super solid style. I considered this a rites of passage piece for myself and it was great to get it done by someone this experienced. He deeply understands the story behind his work.

I recommend anyone at all contacting him regarding traditional Japanese work his colours and Tebori work are second to none.

Jake Kiano Skinner



The Beginings of Japan Going back to mythical times and drawing from the stories of the Kojiki (712 ad) and Nihon Shoki (720 ad), the oldest surviving chronicles of Japan, the first heavenly Kami were Izanagi and Izanami, who in turn created the islands of Japan and and many deities. Izanami dies while giving birth …


Here is a small selection of my paintings, sketches, designs and doodles. Some Sumi-e practice and general arty stuff that is not necessarily tattoo related.


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